Game Programmer and Designer


To expand upon my skills as a game programmer. I have skills and passion that will make any team stronger.


  • Excellent problem solving and analytcal skills
  • Able to work well both in a team and individually
  • Passionate about game development and programming
  • Able to adapt to new technologies and methodologies


Programming languages: C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, SQLite

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, OpenGL, GLSL, Unity3D, Unity ShaderLab, Eclipse, MonoDevelop, Blender, Autodesk Maya, Gimp, GitHub, Linux Terminal/Command Line


MU Hackathon
In a hackathon with students from Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, and Miami University, my team and I placed second and won a prize of $500 plus assorted prizes with an Android game designed to teach Calculus and Trigonometry. We were only given 48 hours, and I had not known my teammates before the competition.


Missile Maneuver
  • 3D Infinite Runner made with Unity
  • Group Project
  • Contributed:
    • Player Controls
    • UI Design
    • Environment Artist
  • 2.5D platformer made with Unity
  • Individual Project
  • Contributed:
    • AI
    • Player Controls and interaction
    • 3D modeling and animation
    • Level editor tools
Unity Tile Editor
  • Made in Unity3D using C#
  • Procedurally generated tiles
  • Designed to make easily editable tiled surfaces
  • 3D Pet-Battling RPG made with Unity
  • Individual project
  • Contributed:
    • 3D modeling and animation
    • Procedurally generate buildings
    • Battle system design
    • Battle AI
    • Pathfinding AI
    • Menu design and programming
Engel Engine
  • Expandable 3D Game Engine(s)
  • Component-based design
  • C++/OpenGL
    • .OBJ Model Importer
  • HTML5/WebGL
    • Load Font/Scene/Object Assets
    • Partial RTS support